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A two and a half day Workshop in Berlin
19 -21 January 2018

Shame is not only the most intensely painful feeling and experience of being wrong, not enough and not belonging, but also the least talked about, as people affected are often unaware, confused with guilt or simply trying to hide. This is the case in the private sphere and even more so in public and organisational life.
In organisations, shame often underlies narcissistic leadership patterns and is a widely used “tool” to exert power, keep people small and at their place. It is related to perfectionism, (work-)addiction, procrastination and isolation – amongst others. It affects our wellbeing at the workplace and is a major inhibitor to honesty, creativity, learning, innovation and change.
In this workshop, we will examine typical shame processes, how shame is established and triggered and raise awareness on reactions and avoidance behaviours from a field perspective. We will look at how shame plays out in different groups and organisations, how it can be detected and what we can do to “de-shame the field”.

The Berlin Gestalt Centre, Wielandstr. 14a, 12159 Berlin
Dates: 19-21 October 2018
Max no of participants: 8
Language: English
Cost: 260 €


JUTTA PIEPER is an experienced Gestalt therapist in private practice in Liverpool. She trained with the Gestalt Institute in Cologne and at the Pacific Gestalt Institute with Gary Yontef and Lynne Jacobs. She has a particular interest in body processes and early relational experiences.

CHRISTINA SCHUIERER is an organisational psychologist and Gestalt practitioner with 25 years experience in working with individuals and teams in private and non-profit organisations worldwide. She teaches Gestalt in OD at the London Gestalt Centre and leads the staff-care unit of Medecins sans Frontieres (msf) in Germany

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